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This is an unstructured list of random ideas I have for projects, apps, etc


  • Mediawiki shopping list extension
  • takes data from a shopping category, something?
  • Ajax + local clientside db
  • vim plugin
  • verticaljump
  • shortcut = yv[x] where x is what character you jump to
  • shoutcast android app with enter-able stations
  • weathermajig
  • pretty curses layout for weather
  • radar curses? be neat.
  • gnu typing shared socket connection somehow.
  • Terminal, sends invite to other user, type racing == neat.
  • ssh wrapper
    * ssh [socket] address
  • Blog post—weird git features
  • IRC bot for
  • just scrape links
  • throw them on
  • Photo site generation from directory
  • just generate from any directories under current with `metadata.yaml` inside
  • put all on index page
  • Unicode Banjo
  • Do something with
  • Directory listing of Linux User Groups
  • Ideas for meetings
  • Location and map
  • Hosted on github?
  • OpenStreetMap
  • JAWs framework?
  • Possibly Wiki?