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Digital rights ideologue, Vim lover, emoji junkie, dotfile tinkerer and beer geek—are all true (and potentially derisive) things that could be said about me.

I ♥ the internet—I worry about it all the time.

Tyler Cipriani


(720)-515-CIPY (2479)

I Sprechen Ze Open Source


SparkFun Web Developer/Systems Administrator Niwot, CO

Nov. 2013–Present

  • Build continuous integration system with Jenkins, OpenStack, CasperJS and PHPUnit
  • Move important table logging from MongoDB to PostgreSQL-trigger audit trail
  • Create android-tablet ReactJS-based shipping software that allows warehouse pickers to pick 20 orders in the time it used to take to pick one
  • Environment: PHP, PostgreSQL, Debian, nginx, MongoDB, Memcached, Beanstalk, Nagios, Jenkins, CasperJS, PHPUnit, Git, jQuery, QUnit, Bootstrap

UpSync Web Developer/Systems Administrator Boulder, CO

Oct. 2012–Nov. 2013

  • Developed features for mobile, offline project with Zend (PHP 5.4, at the time) and a smattering of Objective-C and JavaScript
  • Engineered, supported, and secured load-balanced VPC CentOS-6-based LAMP stack on AWS
  • Produced several offline mobile web applications specifically built for iOS using Backbone.js, AMD, and WebSQL storages synced with MySQL 5.5
  • Environment: AWS, CentOS, Zend (PHP), MySQL, XCode/Objective-C, SVN, Nagios, Cacti, WebSQL, AMD.js, Backbone, jQuery, D3

Custom Channels Director of Technology Boulder, CO

Aug. 2009–Oct. 2012

  • Built and kept-up small pool of Xen-based virtual servers
  • Produced and maintained Linux (CentOS and Ubuntu) servers for file storage, streaming media, and web applications in virtualized Xen environment
  • Developed, designed, and architected internal and customer-facing web services to:
    • Stream shoutcast channels, add and ban tracks from your library and build new streaming channels on-the-fly via web interface
    • Automate management of 100s of thousands of OGG, FLAC and MP3 files using Rsync, SoX, FFMPEG, Python 2, and a fair amount of Bash
  • Environment: Xen, Ubuntu, CentOS, Perl, Wordpress, MySQL, IceCast, OPML, Git, Nagios, Prototype, Bootstrap