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I'm interested in personal digital archiving and would like to devote some time (and space here) to getting better at it.

Phone Backups

The photos iPhone6s turned out to be pretty easy to archive. I use git annex to backup all my pictures to a NAS.

  1. Plugin the phone via USB
  2. Unlock phone, tap "Trust" when it prompts you to trust this computer
  3. In Terminal:
 mkdir -p ~/Pictures/2016/2016-05-27_iphone6s-archive/
 cd !$
 gphoto2 --auto-detect
 gphoto2 --port='usb:003,003' -R -P
 git annex add
 # Copy to the NAS
 git annex copy --to=nas
 git commit -m 'iPhone6s archive'
 git push