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In early 2020 Blazey and I sat down and brainstormed goals for the year across a few categories.

Buy a House

  • No new credit until house is purchased
  • Attend home-buying class (2020-02-22 10MST)
  • Contact lender in May
  • Buy homebuying book
    • Research homebuying book


This refers to both physical and mental health.

  • Make doctors appointments
    • Eye exam
    • Dentist (Mouth guard for Blazey :))
    • General physical
  • Workout a minimum of 1 day a week
  • Record meals on MyFitnessPal

Mental Health/Hobbies

  • Use vacation time
  • No TV on weeknights
  • Eating out
    • Max of 2 nights per week -- additional meals out should only be salad with no alcohol
    • Try a new restaurant once/mo.


  • Pay off any credit card debt
  • 15%+ of net income into retirement accounts without an employer matching
  • $400/mo. into Betterment joint investment
  • $2,550 cumulative into home savings/mo.


  • Neuter
  • Agility class or additional obedience class
    • some additional structured training
  • Nails and teeth practice daily -- brushing teeth, trimming nails
  • Bath training weekly
  • Jumping up
    • Contact Chrissy in Feb about additional training
  • Hikes
    • Complete Blue Bell Mesa Trail
    • Rabbit mountain and Teller farm trail to practice