Leg of lamb

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During the worldwide pandemic lockdown (undoubtedly the first of several to come) I impulse bought a leg of lamb.


Ingredient Amount
Salt 1TBsp
Fresh rosmary 1 sprig, destemmed and minced
Cumin 1 tsp
Preserved Lemon about 1/2TBsp chopped (plus a small portion of the pepper from the preserved lemon jar)
Minced garlic 1 TBsp
Good Olive Oil 1/4 C.
Fresh cracked black pepper to taste
Smoked paprika a whisper (1/4 tsp)


  1. Debone and butterfly leg of lamb
  2. Mix all the marinade ingredients together in a bowl
  3. Rub 3/4 of the marinade of the lean side of the leg of lamb
  4. Tie lamb in a roll
  5. Put tied roll in a bowl and run in remaining marinade
  6. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight
  7. The next day, let lamb come to room temp
  8. Preheat oven to 275*F
  9. Cook at 275*F for 3-3.5hrs until temp is 135*F
  10. Remove from oven, let rest for 40 minutes
  11. Heat oven to 500*F
  12. Put back in the oven for 15 minutes to brown the outside
  13. Let rest 10 minutes before carving!