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I have an entire cabinet full of coffee brewing devices: pour overs, toddy makers, automatic, and other, less-conventional, contraptions. I am creating this page so that I can easily keep track of my preferred brewing methods over time (plus make these methods easily shareable and remotely accessible).


Fairly standard brewing method. Drip-grind, 710 grams of water at 203°F, 48 grams beans.

  • Chemex 10 c coffee maker
  • Unbleached Chemex coffee filter
  • Tea Kettle
  • scale capable of gram measurements and with enough capacity to handle coffee maker, filter, and coffee
  • 2 People:
    • 45g coffee beans
    • 700g water (plus more for filter rinsing)
  • 3 People:
    • 67.5g coffee beans
    • 1050g water (plus more for filter rinsing)
  • put filter in coffee maker conical, doubled-side on the spout side
  • rinse coffee filter completely and allow to drain into coffee carafe
  • remove filter from coffee maker, dump rinse water, and replace filter
  • heat > 710 g water in tea kettle to boiling (206°F in Longmont, CO)
  • grind 48 g coffee beans in Baratza Virtuoso 20 setting
  • place grinds in rinsed coffee filter inside coffee maker conical
  • place coffee maker with filter and grinds on scale and zero-out scale
  • pour water over grinds until the scale reads 710 grams
  • once water has drained, remove filter and enjoy coffee!


Standard brewing method. 18 grams beans fine drip-grind, 220 grams water off boil for 2 minutes. Bloom 30 seconds and stir with 30 grams water, steep 45 seconds with 220 grams water, plunge 30 seconds.

  • Aeropress coffee maker and filter
  • Aeropress coffee stirrer (with paper towel)
  • tea kettle
  • scale
  • timer
  • oven-mitt for tea kettle
  • 18 g coffee beans
  • 220 g water
  • bring water to a boil (206°F in Longmont, CO), remove from boil and let sit a few minutes
  • grind 18 g coffee in Baratza Virtuoso setting 17
  • place filter in filter basket, rinse with hot water and attach to Aeropress
  • put Aeropress base (sans plunger) on top of a cup with the filter basket facing the bottom of the cup
  • put ground coffee into aeropress base, put on scale, and zero out
  • start timer as you begin to pour water into the Aeropress
  • pour in 50 g water and use stirrer to saturate beans
  • start timer, stir 5 times, and let beans bloom 0:30
  • pour in water until scale reads 280 g (take ~0:30 to do so), place plunger on Aeropress base then pull up on the plunger slightly to stop the flow of coffee into the collection cup
  • when the timer reads 1:15 begin plunging
  • aim to finish plunging at ~1:45
  • once finished, pull up slightly on plunger and place Aeropress in sink


Most of this is derived from the intelligentsia toddy guide.

  • Toddy brewer w/stopper
  • Toddy filter pad
  • Scale
  • 1 lb coffee
  • 2070 mL water
  • Grind 1 lb of coffee on setting 32 on the baratza virtuoso
  • Put the toddy stopper into the toddy brewer, rinse the filter pad and put it in place
  • Add ½ lb of coffee to the toddy brewer
  • Add 1650 mL of water to toddy brewer on top of coffee—no touchie!
  • Add remaining ½ lb of coffee and wait 5 minutes
  • Add remaining water to coffee, ensure all coffee is submerged but don't stir
  • Let sit for 12 hours in refrigerator
  • Place toddy brewer on top of toddy carafe, pull stopper, let drain
  • ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111